Archive: Nov 2011

  1. The Way I Dress: Mr David McAlmont

    The fourth of five films for Mr Porter, men from whose style book we could all take a leaf.  Click here to see it on their site.  This is David McAlmont, one of my favourite singers, a man made from the same vocal DNA as Al Green.

  2. Sheila Hancock

    Sheila Hancock, London, 2011

    A portrait of Sheila Hancock, actress, photographed in London in September 2011. As soon as she walked into the studio I knew. The voice in my head said “Yes, I can do something with her.”

    The hard part is getting the subject into a place where they are willing to let go and trust you to a point where you can create the space and the atmosphere to get the thing you’re after. Fortunately for me, Miss Hancock utterly gave herself up to the process, allowing me to pull out of her the portraits that I was looking for. A rare treat.

    As always, getting the subject into a place where they open up and trust you was the most important part. I do this by keeping a physical distance at the beginning. I come closer slowly. It’s like music. It’s not enough to just read the notes, you need to feel your way through it with grace and alertness. Get up to the peak efficiently, read the mood and keep reading the mood. Work with it, react to it and guide it. Once you’ve passed the peak get back down to ground level gently, say thank you and let them leave in time for lunch.

  3. The Way I Dress: Mr Sean Avery

    The third of five films for Mr Porter, featuring well turned out gents ruminating on how they arrived at their personal style angle.  Click here to see it on their site.  Also shot in New York, this features Sean Avery, a professional ice hockey player, originally from Toronto, Canada and now playing with the New York Rangers.  Watch the way he does a little cleansing rub of his hands after he completes each piece of the dressing ritual.  I love that stuff.