Archive: May 2012

  1. The Way I Dress: Mr Simon Hammerstein

    The third in the new series of films for Mr Porter. Simon Hammerstein is the founder of The Box, which is 2 nightclubs, one in New York and one in London. Hammerstein’s family have had their iron in the showbiz fire from a time when the Dead Sea was still alive. His grandfather, Oscar Hammerstein, along with partner, Richard Rogers, was the man who gave the world such songs as ‘Ol’ Man River’, ‘Oklahoma’, ‘Some Enchanted Evening’, ‘Climb Ev’ry Mountain’ and ‘The Sound Of Music’ among many others.

    This film was shot in a suite on the 8th floor of the Standard Hotel in New York City.

  2. The Way I Dress: Mr Matthew Moneypenny

    The second in the new series of 5 films for Mr Porter, shot in an apartment in Paris.  Matthew Moneypenny is the CEO & President of Trunk Archive, the people who represent the absolute best and greatest in photography that is available for licensing usage.  I know photo editors who spend their lunch hour looking at this site because the work they represent is so pleasurable to look at.  I would say that though, I’m lucky enough to have my archive represented by them too.