The Verve: Photographs By Chris Floyd

My book of photographs of the time I spent working with The Verve in 1996/97 is to be published by Reel Art Press in September 2017.

New Work: ‘Lost In Lincolnshire’ – E.Tautz 2018

Some new work – Shot for E.Tautz on the beautiful east English Lincolnshire coast.  Thanks… Read More

New Work: ‘Indolence In An English Garden’ – Studio Nicholson SS18

Some new work, shot on the hottest day of the year for Studio Nicholson –… Read More

On Photographing Iggy Pop

It is the high summer of 1999 or 2000, the Halcyon Hotel, London, W11, a… Read More

Stellan Skarsgård Tells A Joke

“Two Finns are drinking at a table opposite each other for 4 hours. Neither says… Read More

On Photographing David Hockney

31st January 2017, Kensington, London. A wrought iron gate. A path through a mature communal… Read More

On Photographing Harvey Keitel

When he arrived he told me that he doesn’t like to look at the camera… Read More

A Montage Of Creativity

  While putting together a recent promotional piece it struck me how many fabulously creative… Read More

1997, The Verve, And All That

“Honestly, I can’t remember the tune to ‘Bittersweet Symphony’. It never clicked with me at… Read More

New Work: Sandra Choi – Creative Director of Jimmy Choo

I was recently commissioned by Sandra Choi, the creative director of Jimmy Choo, to photograph… Read More

On Photographing Bill Murray

    The Venice Film Festival in August, the end of a long hot day at… Read More

On Photographing Sir David Attenborough

  In he comes, determinedly with a stick, crumpled jacket, slight scowl, not in a… Read More

Sink Or Swim

Alexandra Hemminsley is a writer. Her new book, ‘Leap In’, on her quest to learn… Read More

Some Things I Did This Year, 2016

I shot the portrait of David Bowie, above, in New York City in 1999 on… Read More

Found It! Debenhams 2016 Christmas TV Campaign

  I am double thrilled to have directed a Christmas TV campaign for Debenhams.  Building on… Read More


  Some of Great Britain’s Olympic gold medallists photographed by me in 2012, 2014, 2015… Read More

Real Artists Don’t Use Rubbers

A film about Helen Downie who is an artist but is almost certainly better known by… Read More

Frecklehead Goes Global In Apple iPhone Campaign

I cannot tell you how thrilling it is to be approached by Apple and asked… Read More

The Infinity Degree – Exhibition Guide

  Download The Catalogue Here   A North Dakota barn tilts impossibly askew; the red… Read More

The Infinity Degree -An Exhibition Of Landscapes

I will be showing a collection of my landscape photography, The Infinity Degree,  at the… Read More

Robert de Niro

  When he walked in I introduced myself to him but he never introduced himself… Read More

The Founder

Shot for new clothing brand The Founder, this short film on Russell Norman, the founder… Read More

Slowing Down The Days In Cannes

I’ve been to the Cannes film festival twice, in 2008 and again in 2015.  The… Read More

Getting Up At 11

June 30th 2015, a furiously hot English summer’s day. Yes, I know, an oxymoron but… Read More

Gone Off

I first met my wife, Alice, who is English, in 2003 when we both lived… Read More

Mark Ronson for Billboard

This shoot with Mark Ronson was shot in the first week of 2015, only a… Read More

Sophie Turner for People Magazine

Sophie Turner is 19 years old and is in her 5th year of playing Sansa… Read More


  American band, Warpaint, photographed in London, late 2014.    

Katharine Hamnett

“Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.” – Deuteronomy 30:19 This… Read More

Class of 2015 – Stylist Magazine

Six accessories designers photographed  for Stylist Magazine’s spring 2015 fashion issue. We wanted to shoot them… Read More

The Ingenue

  A fashion story for The Ingenue magazine. Styled by editor in chief Kristina Golightly, featuring… Read More

What Drives You

  I am now unlikely to become an astronaut. However, I can confirm that getting… Read More

The Trivial And The Important

  This is Wilko Johnson. He was the guitar player in Dr Feelgood and later… Read More