Robert de Niro

  When he walked in I introduced myself to him but he never introduced himself… Read More

Have A Good Weekend, I’ll See You Monday

Late March 2003, a Friday, I am living in New York City. Been here for… Read More

All The Way Down The Line

When I was young and the world was wide open, I thought that it would… Read More

Whitney Bromberg Hawkings

Whitney Bromberg Hawkings has been Tom Ford’s PA and right hand woman for over 15… Read More

Beaten Up And Bashed Around: An Afternoon With Ralph Steadman

A call from Esquire creative director David McKendrick late in the afternoon of Wednesday 7th… Read More

Ronald David Wood

We are in a prime piece of four storeyGeorgian Mayfair, on the first floor, the… Read More

The Principia Of Natalie Dormer

This was commissioned by Henny Manley at British Esquire and is the second time I’ve… Read More

Rule Britannia

On Wednesday 8th August 2012 I was on holiday, staying in a rented cottage, down… Read More

The Four Minute Mile Stopwatch

Last year I was commissioned by ESPN Magazine in New York to go to Iffley… Read More

Seven Days With Sebastian Coe

Now seems like a good time to post these pictures. Tonight is the opening ceremony… Read More

Guess Who?

I must give the man some kudos here. With most of the people that I… Read More

Remembrance Of Things Past: Elizabeth Jagger & Bodybuilder, 2002.

I have been digitizsing a lot of my archive in the last year. Well, I… Read More

Paddy Considine & Peter Mullan Aren’t Dinosaurs

This was one of those ones where you just want to hang around with them… Read More

Funny Lady, Just Now, On Television

This portrait of Kristen Wiig was shot less than a week ago in the bar… Read More

It’s All About The Countenance Of The Bull

Tim also owns four butcher’s shops, all called The Ginger Pig and all in tactical… Read More

How They Get Dressed: Charlie Davies

This is Charlie Davies, a football player from Boston, and a strong fixture in the… Read More

What Has Chris Albrecht Ever Done For You?

This the story of a shoot I’ve just done for American GQ and while we’re… Read More

The Republicans, Getty Images & Me.

“The thing that concerns me the most is that because we now live in a… Read More

When in doubt always, always, always defer to simplicity

This is the second week in a row that I’m gracing the cover of the… Read More

Mandatory Fun

Michael McIntyre If you’re that way inclined then today’s Sunday Times features my portrait of… Read More

Undocumented Illegal Aliens & The Republican Party Campaign Ads.

About 6.30 this morning, a series of persistent pings on my iphone woke me up…. Read More

How They Get Dressed

This is my first post for about 2 months and like an unpaid bill or… Read More

Lang Lang: Royal Academy of Music Tutorial

Photographed this on a 5×4 Zone V1 field camera on Thursday 20th May 2010. You… Read More

The Fittest Men In The World

Tim Howard A couple of months ago I got one of those calls that will,… Read More

Trying To Keep It Real

Looking idly through some photo agency websites yesterday, it really hit me how normal it… Read More

For Sale: One Newly Shot And Immediately Killed Portrait Commission

These portraits of Andrew Lloyd Webber were shot last week at the Jerwood Space in… Read More

I love you. I’m just not in love with you.

Further down this post is an email reply to somebody I know in New York… Read More