The Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize

I’m thrilled to have had my portrait of writer Charlie Brooker selected for the 2013… Read More

Things May Change But This Will Stay The Same/Teller Magazine

Two or three years ago I made a small number of books from a series… Read More

The Way I Dress: Mr Andrew Weitz

“Everyone’s so scared. Don’t be scared.” In this new short for Mr Porter, Hollywood talent… Read More

The Way I Dress: Mr Nick Waterhouse

Los Angeles, March 2013 “I’m interested in the classics, things that don’t go away and… Read More

“This Is Your Time” – Football On A Hot Night In Texas

“This is your time. Go get ‘em. Go on, go get ‘em, this is your… Read More

Once In A Lifetime

Clyde Biggins: The Legend Of BBQ

I was down in Dallas in September 2012 to photograph a story on high school… Read More

The Way I Dress: Mr Santa Claus

As the public face of an iconic brand, Mr Santa Claus needs to send a… Read More

Bedroom Eyes: A Short Film About Eyelashes

Back in the summer, when the days were all that stood between us and the… Read More

The Way I Dress: Mr Joshua Kissi

Straight out of The Bronx, New York, Joshua Kissi, who can often be found on… Read More

Several Studies In Charlie Brooker

Here’s an email I received quite late on a Friday afternoon in April of 2012…. Read More

Rule Britannia

On Wednesday 8th August 2012 I was on holiday, staying in a rented cottage, down… Read More

Seven Days With Sebastian Coe

Now seems like a good time to post these pictures. Tonight is the opening ceremony… Read More

The Way I Dress: Mr Simon Hammerstein

The third in the new series of films for Mr Porter. Simon Hammerstein is the… Read More

The Way I Dress: Mr Matthew Moneypenny

The second in the new series of 5 films for Mr Porter, shot in an… Read More

The Way I Dress: Mr Waris Ahluwalia

The first of a new series of 5 films for Mr Porter. This was shot… Read More

One Hundred And Forty Characters: The Book

This feels like it will never end. While everybody else came to the party, stayed… Read More

Guess Who?

I must give the man some kudos here. With most of the people that I… Read More

The Badge Of A Wifebeater

This is as heavy as any piece of armour worn at Agincourt. Created by Fee… Read More

Remembrance Of Things Past: Elizabeth Jagger & Bodybuilder, 2002.

I have been digitizsing a lot of my archive in the last year. Well, I… Read More

Sheila Hancock

A portrait of Sheila Hancock, actress, photographed in London in September 2011. As soon as… Read More

What is England?

Last year I took part in a project entitled ‘What Is England?’, curated by photographer… Read More

Paddy Considine & Peter Mullan Aren’t Dinosaurs

This was one of those ones where you just want to hang around with them… Read More

The Way I Dress: Mr David Macklovitch

This is the first of five films I’ve made for Mr Porter, the recently launched… Read More

Digging In The Crates: PJ Harvey

Congratulations to PJ Harvey on winning the 2011 Mercury Music Prize. This portrait was taken… Read More

Agent Provocateur – “In Praise Of My Bed”

Here is the front and back cover of a project I’ve just completed for Agent… Read More

The Result Of Time Spent With Caitlin Moran And How It Ended Up in The National Portrait Gallery

I was thrilled to be asked by the National Portrait Gallery a couple of months… Read More

The Consequences of Vengeance In The Manzine

The Manzine have published this piece by me on my ‘Consequences of Vengeance’ project. Read… Read More

One Hundred & Forty Characters

In July 2010 I decided to begin photographing people that I follow on Twitter. The… Read More

Michelle Yeoh

This is the Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh and I heard a news story today about… Read More

Funny Lady, Just Now, On Television

This portrait of Kristen Wiig was shot less than a week ago in the bar… Read More

It’s All About The Countenance Of The Bull

Tim also owns four butcher’s shops, all called The Ginger Pig and all in tactical… Read More

Waiting Game

This was from a recent shoot I did with the actor Mark Strong. In the… Read More

A Starry Night On Sark

The view from Sark. March 6th 2011. 19.55 GMT I took these pictures in one… Read More