Frecklehead Goes Global In Apple iPhone Campaign


‘Frecklehead’ – as it was posted on Instagram – 31st October 2015

I cannot tell you how thrilling it is to be approached by Apple and asked if they could use a photograph I took on my iPhone 6s in their new World Gallery campaign, which shows work by 41 photographers across 85 cities in 26 countries.


My portrait of Lotte, a friend’s daughter, was shot in Queen’s Park, London. A group of us were having a picnic on my birthday and I took the picture when I realised that she had cake crumbs dotted all round her mouth. It is a brilliant, strange and awe inspiring thing to know that such a sweet and innocent little moment is now being seen all over the world as people pass on by going about their business.

I posted the picture, the day it was shot, on Instagram, with the caption ‘Frecklehead’.  A couple of weeks later I received an email from Apple’s advertising agency which began by saying that a picture of mine had caught their eye. Could we discuss the possibility of using it in an upcoming ad campaign?  Once it was established which picture it was I sent them the original iPhone image, as it was shot, before any adjustments had been made to it in my favourite editing app, Snapseed. Two months went by and I heard nothing from them. I assumed that their interest in the picture had faded and the dream of global recognition for Frecklehead had gone with it.


Original Frecklehead, Lotte, with…Lotte at 333 Old Street, London. 6th February 2016

Then at about 4pm on a Friday afternoon, just as I was picking up my daughter from school, I received an email from the agency congratulating me on the picture’s inclusion in the new Apple iPhone 6s World Gallery campaign.  I was told that the campaign was to be released on the following Monday, 1st February 2016 but that I must keep it a secret until then. I think for the first time in my life I was wishing the weekend away for Monday to come.

So far I have had sightings of the image in London, New York and Delhi. If anyone out there sees it then please do send me a snap of it in situ. You’d make my day. For any photographer to see their work on such broad and huge canvases as those that this campaign utilises really is a buzz of the highest order. What also makes it special is that the picture is entirely personal. It wasn’t shot to order. It was not commissioned. It was a moment that presented itself at picnic in a London park with friends, to celebrate my birthday. A little girl with cake crumbs peppered around her mouth on a Saturday in October.


Frecklehead - Bus Stop, Washington DC

Frecklehead – Bus Stop, Washington DC


Frecklehead, Lexington Avenue & 68th St. Subway, New York City

Frecklehead, Lexington Avenue & 68th St. Subway, New York City


Bond Street Station, London Underground

Frecklehead – Bond Street Station, London Underground

Frecklehead - Waterloo Station, London

Frecklehead – Waterloo Station, London



Frecklehead – Time Magazine, U.S. Edition