Real Artists Don’t Use Rubbers


A film about Helen Downie who is an artist but is almost certainly better known by her  Instagram username @UnskilledWorker, where 217,000 followers keep up to date with her paintings.

I am one of those followers and from the beginning I was mesmerised by an ever present elegaic quality in her paintings that seeped from their
pores. A longing for a time that once might have been, full of melancholy.

In the first days of the new year, hypnotised by the charisma of UnskilledWorker I emailed Helen and asked if I could come and
see her. Maybe I could film her, maybe I could photograph her?  Or maybe we could just drink coffee, eat Welsh Rarebit and chat?

The date we made was 11th January 2016, the day David Bowie died.